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Forged Checks and Other Scams

On a Regular basis,  our websites receive emails from companies, mostly in Asia, requesting that Easy Tractor Parts becomes a financial agent for them. One such email is as given below.


How This Works. (2013-11-18)

An email comes in with the following requests.

Dear Easy Tractor Parts,
The following enquiry for your company was entered by Business/name Chung Liang within
We hope this is a good sales lead for you:
Business/name Chung Liang Email Address: Phone number +886|
C. S. Aluminium Corporation (CSAC), is in urgent need of a reputable company,/firm or individual to serve as our financial coordinator in Canada, America, Europe, Uk. C. S. Aluminium Corporation (CSAC) require you or your firm to be our company Representative in your province, It’s a part time job and pays well. Reply for more details
Chung B. Liang
C. S. Aluminium Corporation (CSAC)

Highlights on the above email.

I will reply to this email pretending to be positively inclined to do business with this company.

They will respond saying that they will send items for sale from China, Taiwan, or other countries, and they want us, a Canadian or US based company, to handle their financial transactions.

The next stage is that they will say that there have been some payments from some other companies, and they are some checks to be deposited. They will want to send the checks to us for depositing.

The check values will be approximately $20,000 or more.

The “deal” will be for us to keep 20% as a “financial charge’ and send the rest to them by Western Union or other money transfer.


The checks that will be sent to us will be forged checks. They are hoping that we would deposit the checks, and then send them the 80% before we realize that the checks are fraudulent.

So, I’m going to reply to this guy (assuming its a “guy”) and lets see how this goes.

Look Back for Updates. 

Whoa…..In approximately 4 hours after replying to the above email, this response was received. 

From: Chung Liang []
Sent: Monday, November 18, 2013 5:20 PM
To: Easy Tractor Parts
Subject: RE: Hotfrog enquiry for Easy Tractor Parts [2840920]


China Steel Aluminum Corporation (CSAC), first and foremost must thank you for considering our offer in financial handling and to serve as our financial coordinator in your region assisting China Steel Aluminum  Corporation (CSAC) in retrieval of overdue payments by its customers/clients located in your region. Our company is a legitimate company.

China Steel Aluminum Corporation (CSAC) is an Import & Export company mainly specialized in Aluminum and chemical. We are co-operation who deal on Aluminium, We recently included Cast steel shot,Stainless cut wire shot and copper cast to our list of products and export to American and Canadian industrial market. Our company GQ Corporate Services Ltd. Requires International Representative.

We have clients from your region that has refused to comply with the normal payment schedule of 60 days after confirming the delivery of products to them in good condition. We shall provide you with all documents which you will require to prove the existence of debt owned by the customer/client. More so, I will like us to concentrate on this transaction so we can have some payment retrieved before the end of this month so our company can use the funds to purchase raw materials for further production.

After confirming that you received this email, we shall send you another email which is our Approval Process which you are to reconfirm your full contact information in the right manner as to presenting the details to the customer/client. We confirm in good faith that we are ready to work with your firm and also we must let you know that any payment made to you on behalf of our company, you shall earn 10% of every payment if you are willing and ready to assist our company legally and in good faith.

I want to also let you know that we have approximately 1,200,000 worth of payment which different clients from different region currently owes China Steel Aluminum Corporation (CSAC) around the globe.

I will like you to fill the form and return back to me asap.

7]  CITY:
8]  STATE:

Do not hesitate to contact me if you require further details and I hope this email finds you well.Please you are to fill the information and get Back to me asap,we appreciate to have you as the company representative in your region.

Waiting to hear from you.
Sincerely Yours,
Chung B. Liang
China Steel Aluminum Corporation (CSAC)

2013-11-18 at 5:33 PM.

Its time to reply that I AM ELATED TO EARN 10% OF $1,200,000 FOR DOING NOTHING MUCH. 

From the above email, certain things are pertinent. |
1.0 The writer stressed “Our company is a legitimate company.” Its the perfect way of identifying a scam. They always stress that they are not scams.
2.0 Okokokok.  I thought they would offer 20%, instead they offered %10.
3.0 From “Financial Coordinator” the job has now turned to”retrieval of overdue payments .”

Its time for me to reply to say I am interested in an overdue payment scheme.

Follow Up and Another Email Response. 

I responded positively, and then within another 4 hours, received another email.

This time I have been given the pleasure of being approved to be their financial representative in my region.
The full email is given below.

Chung Liang []

Sent: Monday, November 18, 2013 7:40 PM
To: Easy Tractor Parts
Subject: RE: Hotfrog enquiry for Easy Tractor Parts [2840920]

Dear Harry Josh ( not my real name!!!)

On the behalf of the Board of Directors of China Steel Aluminum Corporation (CSAC) we write to confirm the receipt of your email. We are pleased to inform you that you have been approved to be our company’s Payment Receiving Officer in your region. We appreciate your willingness in transacting business with us. We must bring to your notification that our Account department is preparing a payment Schedule for you to start immediate contacts with our customers that are due for payment in your domain so that they can start making payments through you to us as our company’s Payment Receiving Officer. We appreciate your effort and your sincerity counts in this transaction and we look forward in working with you. We sincerely hope that you will remain our payment receiving officer of good faith and high esteem as we are looking forward to having a successful business relationship with you. Please acknowledge the
receipt of this email and keep close Correspondence with us for more Information.

As soon as you confirm the receipt of this email we will forward the customer/client information to you and all necessary information
pertaining to this transaction. i repeat you will be entitled to 10% of every transaction completed. As soon payment is make to you, you will deduct your 10% commission from every each payment you receive from our company costumers.
We will like to use this medium to reaffirm our pledge to this relationship and transaction.

We will appreciate that you confirm the receipt of this mail for further correspondence. Please if you receive this email send a confirmatory email tagged EMAIL RECEIVED.

Waiting to hear from you.
Sincerely Yours,
Chung B. Liang
China Steel Aluminum Corporation (CSAC)
Now, I am about to reply with “EMAIL RECEIVED” in the title.

Lets see what happens now.

2013-11-20 Update. 

Another Email was received, asking me to send them a signed agreement letter. None was sent to me so i replied saying so.
This is the email.

Subject: Dear Marlon Josh…Urgent Response Needed..

From: Chung Liang <>
Date: Wed, November 20, 2013 2:22 am
To: Easy Tractor Parts>

Dear Harry JoshWe have been waiting for you to write back to us with update and forward the sign AGREEMENT LETTER to us, get back to us and inform us if you have been in contact with the costumer. I repeat again below is the contact details of the costumer.Company : Perkins Investment Group
Name : Allen Perkins
Email :
Tel :: 1514-299-4142We await your urgent update as soon as you read this email, so that we can know when he promise to make payment to you.We will appreciate that you confirm the receipt of this mail for further correspondence. Please if you receive this email send a confirmatory email tagged EMAIL RECEIVED.Waiting to hear from you.
Sincerely Yours,
Chung B. Liang
China Steel Aluminum Corporation (CSAC)

Notes On the Above FAKE EMAIL

1.0 The Phone # provided works, but it for a residential home and its definitely not any Perkins Investment Group. The guy who answered the phone had no idea what I was talking about. (I initially thought he was  a part of the scam and would pretend to owe money).  He has never heard of Perkins Investment Group.

The website has been banned. The image below is has been placed by the ISP.


Perkins Investment Group Scam

Perkins Investment Group Scam

The website is registered in Wyoming, USA by Larino Enterprices (Note the Incorrect Spelling of EnterPRICE instead of EnterPRISE), and they use a UK yahoo email. The details of the website is shown below.

Creation Date: 2013-03-06 20:09:00Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2014-03-06 12:09:00Z
Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Registrant Organization: LARINO ENTERPRICES
Registrant Street: 5 LIROY WAY
Registrant City: CASPER
Registrant State/Province: WYOMING
Registrant Postal Code: 82604
Registrant Country: US
Admin Organization: LARINO ENTERPRICES
Admin Street: 5 LIROY WAY
Admin City: CASPER
Admin State/Province: WYOMING
Admin Postal Code: 82604
Admin Country: US
Admin Phone: +1.8264598783
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax:
Admin Fax Ext:
Tech Street: 5 LIROY WAY
Tech City: CASPER
Tech State/Province: WYOMING
Tech Postal Code: 82604
Tech Country: US
Tech Phone: +1.8264598783
Tech Phone Ext:
Tech Fax:
Tech Fax Ext:


As expected, the address shown on the Whois Database is a fake. There is no 5 Liroy Way in Casper, Wyoming 82604, United States.

Fake Phone #. The Phone # on the website 1.8264598783 “has been disconnected or no longer in service”

Perkins Investment Group

The real Perkins Investment Group is a multi national real estate, power and investment company with branches in Canada, Germany, Japan, China and Thailand.

The senders of this email is pretending to be owed money from Perkins Investment Group.


The first forged check will appear to be from Perkins Investment Group. Lets see how this goes.

 Update. My “Check” Arrives!!!

An Xpresspost mail was sent to us from Unselect Inc with an address from Quebec City, Canada. This was a change. The last one pretended to be from the US.  Obviously, this was posted from Quebec.

Fake Xpresspost Letter for Tractor Parts


In this letter, were two items. One was a letter addressed to us pretending to be from Allen Perkins, and the forged check.

Fake Letter for Tractor Parts

Also, here comes the prize. The Forged Check.

Forged Check for Tractor Parts


Wow. Am I $18000 rich? Haha (10% commission)

Follow Ups on this Forged Tractor Parts checks.

The phone # that was provided for Allen Perkins 514-299-4142 is a working phone #. This is the person in Canada from Quebec who is organishing the scam. This person called me several times to confim that the check was received and wanted to know when the check will be clearred.

He is obviously not alone. I also received a phone call from Nigeria, speaking with a Nigerian accent and pretending to be Chung Liang.

This scam is organised two ways with a contact in Canada and the infamous Nigerian scammers.