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International Tractor Starter

Attn Farmers and Mechanics, Looking for
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International Starters

NB. All International Equipment are Stocked under the Case IH Sections on the website. For assistance, call 1-977-668-7278 or use the email form below to send an email.International Starter

Industrial/ Construction Equipment
Cotton Picker

International Starter (s) are stocked for tractors, combines, cotton pickers, harvesters, sprayer, industrial/construction equipment, windrowers and swathers.

How to Choose International Starter for Tractors, Combines, Engines, Crawlers, harvesters,  Sprayers, Windrowers and Swathers.

International starter for the 560 tractor is one of three types, and the correct International Starter is chosen for each based on the machine information.

Example 1: The first starter is a 24V starter. Other starters are12 volts each. This is the first information that is needed in identifying the correct international starter.

Example 2: Within the same three international starters above, there are starters for both gas engines and diesel engines. This is the second set of information that is needed, simply, does your machine work on gas or diesel? The earlier models of tractors used gasoline, and as diesel engine technology were introduce, the more reliable diesel engine slowly replaced the gasoline engine.

Example 3: what is the number of teeth that the engaging gear has? This is the gear that engages the flywheel to turn the engine. There are three different international starters for this engine, and two of them has nine (9) teeth, and one has ten (10) teeth. Knowing this further identifies the international starter needed.

Example 4: With reference to Example 4 above, two out of t he three starters has nine (9) teeth each. So, which is the correct international starter needed?  In this example, both of the nine teeth international starter has different rotational directions. One is CW (clock wise ) and the other is CCW (Counter- clockwise). This added identification  further identifies the correct international stater needed.

However, not all international starter identification are as complex as the above example. The International Construction Machine H25B only has one starter. This is a Delco Ramy international starter for gas engines.

The Crawler Dozer TD30, on the other hand, identifies another pertinent piece of information that is needed for international starter identification. This machine has two starters, one that is used on machines between the years 1959 to 1962, and another international stater that is used on machines between 1963 to 1967. Both are Delco Remy starters.

International Starter (s), when sourced from aftermarket supplies, can be any brand. Popular brands are Delco, Nippon, Denso, Electrical Parts, Caterpillar (some Allis Chalmers, Ford and Caterpillar,  starters are interchangeable with International starters).

Summarizing, these factors should be known to identify the correct international starter.

1.0   Voltage and Amperage

2.0   Fuel type, gas or diesel?

3.0   Number of teeth on starter gear

4.0   CCW or  CW rotation

5.0   Year of manufacture of the machine.

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