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Spoof Scam Emails With Virus Attachements

On a Regular basis,  our websites receive emails with attachments that are intended to scam. The attachments are virus programs that are intended to pry into your computer and steal information such as passwords, usernames and account numbers.


Tips on how to Prevent Email Fraud With Virus Attachments

Given the ongoing sophisication of the email fraud scam, at some point almost everyone will be a victim of it. However, a few little steps can be used to reduce the possibility of these spoof email scams being successful.

  1. Do not open emails with attachements from senders who are not known
  2. In the above scenario, this may not be possible with internet marketing companies and other professionals who receive emails from prospective customers. In these cases, these additional steps can be utilised.
  3. Utilised IMAP instead of POP access for emails. This prevents emails from downloading onto your computer before being assessed.
  4. Keep a firewall on your computer. This will prevent unauthorised programs from being installed
  5. Do not use your computer under Admin priviledges. Restrict your own privilidges unless needed.
  6. Delete the email if it looks suspecious. Important emails are most likley known to you

How To Report Emails Being Used for Spoofing.

  1. Report Gmail Accounts to to Google using this form
  2. For hotmail accounts, forward the entire email to
  3. For yahoo email accounts, use this form to report the email accounts
From: To: <undisclosed-recipients:>
Sent: Saturday, November 03, 2012 12:56 AM Subject: PURCHASE ORDER NO:3014
Hi, Kindly check the attached purchase order and arrange to despatch the materials as soon as possible.We are very sorry for the delay.Take action with respect to the consolidation of the purchase order andaddress the P/I.Regards Paul Lansky Phone: 281 58349013 Fax: 281 5398013984
Note Well:

  • The Email is addressed to “undisclosed recipients” In other words, this is an email blast to a large number of emails
  • Also, there is a ziped filed attachd to the email .This is typical of compressed executable programs being compressed for space and easy  emailing
  • The email is general and addresses no one in particular, or no one product.
  • The phone number provided does not work. (It was called)
  • The name, obviously, is a fake name.
    Spoof Email With Virus Attachment
  • Tracking the IP address of thie email, its found that this email is from Singapore. IP address location & more:
    IP address [?]: [Copy][Whois] [Reverse IP]
    IP country code: SG
    IP address country: Singapore
    IP address state: n/a
    IP address city: n/a
    IP address latitude: 1.3667
    IP address longitude: 103.8000
    ISP of this IP [?]: Pozhub Solutions Pte Ltd
    Organization: Pozhub Solutions Pte Ltd
    Host of this IP: [?]: [Whois] [Trace]
 Fax Message [Caller-ID: 181579280]. You have received a 30 pages fax at Mon, 4 Mar 2013 07:07:32 -0500, (874)-588-1516.
* The reference number for this fax is [eFAX-965551520]. View attached fax using your Internet  Browser.Efax-Corporate Spoof Email 



Whats disturbing about this spoof email  is that it seems to have been sent from
 Obviously, there is no such person here and no such email was formulated by the company.

 Hi – Leah here. You’ve just sent me an email, but I have a spam filter running. In order for your message to get to me you have to follow a quick and simple, one-time verification process. According to my spam filter service, 98% of my email is spam. I had to do something!
So please follow the instructions to allow your email to get to me. If you don’t do it, I won’t get your message. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Please click the link below to complete the verification process. You have to do this only once.Leah Spoof Email 




Sent from

 Your ADP Payroll invoice for last week is attached for your review. If you have any questions regarding this invoice, please contact your ADP service team at the number provided on the invoice for assistance. Thank you for choosing ADP Payroll. Important: Please do not respond to this message. It comes from an unattended mailbox.ADP Payroll Spoof Email
Most likely this email is not from ADP Payroll. Their email is being used as if this comes from them. Unscrupulous ISPs around the world can let this kind of scam occur by bypassing some safety restrictions.
 Blank Spaces. I know more emails will be received!!!