Massey Ferguson Tractor Parts
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Massey Ferguson Tractor Parts Catalog
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Massey Fergsuon Tractor Parts are Stocked for Most Models of Farm, Lawn/Garden and Compact Tractors.

Massey Ferguson Tractor Parts

Massey Ferguson, now owned by Agco, is one of the world’s largest producers of agricultural equipment with large production facilities around the world.

Massey Ferguson tractor parts are available aftermarket, good used, or rebuilt. New replacement parts are manufactured replacement for all sections of tractors.
MF starters can be one of several manufacturers, namely Lucas, Paris-Rhone, Ducellier, Magneti Marelli, Bosch, or Iskra.

Most starters are identified by the application voltage, amperage, KW, manufacturer, length, and specifications of the attaching flange. Starters are available new aftermarket, remanufactured, or, in a few cases, good used from the many salvage yards across North America.

Starters however, need not be changed entirely. With proper diagnosis, certain parts can be changed. The Starter solenoid is available as replacement parts. The starter solenoid is the device that pushed the starter gear onto the flywheel. Upon ignition, the starter solenoid is energized electrically and it pushes the starter gear teeth to engage the flywheel’s ring gear. This action is what turns the engine. After the engine has started, and the ignition button is no longer depressed, the solenoid is no longer energized, and a spring in the starter housing pushes back the starter. This action stops the flywheel and starter gears from meshing, and the gear engagement ceases.

Massey Ferguson tractor parts for starters include armature, field coil, brush, and bearing set.
MF alternators are available for a large section of MF tractors. The word alternators and generators are used interchangeably sometimes; however, the difference between the two is that the alternator produces ac current, whilst the generator produces d.c current. Depending on the tractor, its manufactured date, serial number and engine specifications, a generator is what is fitted onto the tractor, instead of an alternator. The MF 135 for example, uses a 12V generator instead of al alternator.

Alternator specifications are used to identify the correct part. Alternators unique identifiers include manufactures. Some can be Lucas, Poulie, Motorolla, Iskra, Valeo, Magneti Marelli, Delco Remy, or Paris Rhone.
Other identification factors are flange diameter, number of bolt holes, voltage, amperage, dimensions of the starter, number of pulleys (this can be single or double pulleys in most instances), and some alternators / generators comes with an external cooling fan.

Many MF tractors will have two hydraulic pumps. One main hydraulic pump that can be mounted on the transmission housing or a lift pump that acts as an auxiliary pump for the hitch, PTO and rear implements. Lift hydraulic pump parts will include repair kits, piston, ring, cam block, valve chamber, plug, control valve, hydraulic spring, bushings and bearings. The entire auxiliary pumps are available,. These will vary according to if the hydraulic pump is a multi power pump, or an auxiliary pump.

All steering cylinders, or backhoes lift cylinders, tilt cylinders will have complete cylinder repair kits. These repair kits will have seals, o-rings, and bushings to completely reseal the cylinders back to original equipment manufactures (OEM) specifications.

Massey Ferguson tractor parts, namely Massey Ferguson hydraulic pumps, are identified by several pertinent factors. The rotation of the pump must be noted, (either Left or right hand), the fluid capacity (this can range from 10 cc and up), and its physical dimensions. Some hydraulic pumps are load sensing. Internal parts for the hydraulic pumps will include shafts, gears, couplings, and repair seal kits.

Massey Ferguson Tractor parts are availabe for three hundred and sixty seven of its tractors. These includes both the Massey Harris and the Ferguson tractors built since the 1940’s. Massey Ferguson today is a merger of Massey Harris and Ferguson tractors in 1958, even thought the companies were joined together in 1952. The Massey Ferguson line of tractors was bought by Agco in 1994. Agco has decided to keep the Massey Ferguson brand and continues to manufacture and market massey ferguson tractors and parts.

Massey Ferguson tractor parts are available for all sections of the tractor, namely the cab parts, clutch parts, cooling systems, engine overhaul kits, engine parts, filters, front axle / steering, hitch / drawbar, hydraulic system, ignition / electrical, muffler / exhaust, PTO, rims / wheels, seats, service manual, sheet metal, transmission and rear axle.
Using the Massey Ferguson Tractor 275 as an example, these parts are an example of the aftermarket parts that are offered for sale.

The cab sections stocks mirrors, glass, latches, gas struts and wiper blades.
The clucth section stocks release bearings, flywheel bearings, transmission discs and kits, pressure plates ( 12” single cast iron, and the 3 lever dual cast iron combined PTO versions), transmission discs (the 11.75” ridgit feramic, the ridgit organic, and the 5-button solid for UK tractors).

The cooling systems stocks massey feruson tractor parts for fan belts, radiator parts such as drain tap, fan blade (6 blade and 8 blade), thermostat, water pump, with pulley and repair kit, radiator (several types depending on the serial number of the tractor), radiator hoses, and thermostat bodies.

The engine overhaul kits are stocked. There are two types of engines for this tractor, the Perkins 4236, and the Perkins 4248, both diesel powered.Both engines kits are stocked as in frame kits, and major overhaul kits, and will further vary depending on the serial number of the tractor.

All engine overhaul / rebuild kits includes pistons, liners, rings, main bearings, connecting rod bearings, bushings, bolts and nuts, thrust washer, rear / front crankshaft seals, valve train kit, upper gasket set, lower gasket set without seals, and camshaft bearings.

The MF 275 has two types of transmissions, and this varies on the serial number of the machine. The earlier models has eight (8) forward gears, and two (2) reverse gears. The later models has twelve (12) forward gears, and four (4) reverse gears


    Massey Ferguson Parts
    Online Catalog has Massey Ferguson Parts descriptions, pictures, and prices.
    Click on the Image below to enter the Online Catalog.
    Massey Ferguson Parts Catalog
    Tractor Parts Catalog

    Massey Fergsuon Parts are Stocked for these Agriculture, Construction and Industrial Equipment.


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