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    Ford Tractor Clutch Parts

    Ford Tractor Clutch Parts

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Ford Tractor Clutch Parts

There are several kinds of clutches is for Ford tractors.  The Ford 5000 tractor has two kinds of clutches.-a select o speed  and a single clutch.  On the contrary to if the Ford Dexter tractor has a double and single clutch.  The Ford 4000 tractor as street kinds of clutch is, of the double clutch, the single clutches, and other select o speed clutch.

Typical clutch parts for Ford tractors are release bearings, pressure plates, PTO disk, transmission disc, flywheel bearings, clutch release hub bearings, and complete bearing kits.

Ford release bearings can be either sealed, our unsealed.

Ford tractor clutch parts in the form of complete kits will typically include the pressure and transmission discs.

A clutch is comprised of several parts. There is the clutch plate, which is sandwiched between the engine flywheel and pressure plate. The pressure plate comes with springs and fingers (these can be typically three (3) levers or six (6)), and these are designed with different diameters.

Then there are bolts or studs that hold the clutch plate to the pressure plate. Onto this setup, is mounted a diaphragm spring and a throw out bearing. This spring mechanism will be used later in moving the clutch plate into and out of engagement with the engine flywheel.

Over the throw out bearing, diaphragm spring, studs, pressure plate and clutch plate, comes the clutch housing. This ford clutch parts housing encases all of the previously mentioned parts, preventing it from being damaged from external impurities.

However, this clutch housing has an opening in the center, and through that a release fork fits through. This is the release fork that is moved when the manual clutch pedal is pressed.

As an additional protection, a bell housing totally encases all of the above mentioned parts.

Pressure plates   come in a variety of diameters. Some are nine inches (9) in diameters, but there are some with eleven (11), and twelve (12) inches diameter.

Ford transmission discs are in a variety of diameters as well, ranging from eleven (11) inches to thirteen (13) inches for the Ford 4000, 5000 and the Super Dexta tractors.

For a large clutch job, a complete ford clutch kit can be ordered. The typical components of the clutch kit are the pressure plate and the transmission disc. Other parts can be sourced separately.

Transmission discs are typically identified by the number of “pads” that they have. However, many of these discs are circular in shape and not pointed as the padded discs.