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Ford Tractor Parts Compact Tractor Industrial Equip

Combine Auger Header Bale Wagon

Baler Commercial Mower Corn Head

Disc Mower Discbine Header Draper Header

Engine Excavator Feed Table

Ford Tractor Parts for Finishing Mower Flail Mower Flexible Grain Head

Grinder Mixer Hay Tedder Haybine

Haybine Header Header Lawn/Garden Tractor

Loader Pump Drive Manure Spreader Mower

Ford Tractor Parts for Mower Conditioner Post Hole Digger Power Unit

Rake Rake/Tedder Rotary Cutter

Round Baler Sickel Mower Skid Steer Loader

Square Baler Swather Tiller

Tub Grinder Windrower Windrower Inverter

Ford Tractor Parts
The Ford tractor company is today owned by New Holland. New Holland has since merged with Case IH. Parts are usually available aftermarket or from the local Ford dealer.

Replacement parts for Ford tractors will include Cab Parts-Glass doors, wiper blades and door handles.

Powertrain Parts. Powertrain parts will include maintenance parts for the transmission and axles. Ford transmission Service parts will usually include brake discs, plates, clutch plates, planetary carriers, hubs, pinions, stub shafts, ring gears, forks, gears, couplers, reverse gears, main shafts, output shafts and transmission countershafts.

Ford tractors can have various types and models of transmissions. Some are eight (80 and some are seven (7) speed. These will need to be identified to ensure that proper parts are selected.

The engine cooling system will include radiators, radiator hoses, thermostats, water pumps, and radiator caps.  The correct water pump is best identified by the part number. If the part number is not readily available, then the actual pump may have to be compared to a picture of the new pump, as one pump can be listed as possible use on one model of Ford.

Ford Tractor parts includes camshafts, crankshafts, engine balance parts, gaskets, oil pumps, flywheels, ring gears, fuel pumps, gauges, injectors, air cleaner parts, and valve train kits.

Ford tractor parts for engines will begin with the model of engine, and whether it is gas or diesel. There are significant differences between the two and the parts requirements for both are equally different.
Typical engine overhaul kits can include pistons, piston rings, piston pins, piston pin retainers, main bearings, con rod bearings, con rod bushings, camshaft bushings, complete gasket set, and rear and front crankshaft seals. Other

A complete line of fuel, oil, hydraulic, transmission and power steering aftermarket filters available for easy maintenance.

Ford Tractor parts for the front axle and steering of the tractor, includes ball bearings, spindles, bushings, cylinder repair kits, drag link ends, hub caps and front wheel hubs, tie rod ends, and wheel bearing kits. In exceptional cases, full good used axles are provided.

Center tubes, drawbars, knuckle assemblies, leveling boxes, pins, stabilizer chain sets, and replacement valves are supplied.

Ford Tractor parts for the electrical section includes Lucas alternators, starters and starter drives distributor caps, coils, condensers, spark plugs, and ignition switches. Guages and instrument panel parts are available including voltage, amperage and tachometers.

Mufflers and exhaust will vary upon application. Some exhausts are vertical and other types horizontal. While most of the times these are different and cannot be interchanged, in some cases, interchangeability can be accomplished.

PTO aftermarket ford tractor Parts can be selected from PTO shafts,  seals, PTO drive gears, hubs and snap rings. PTO shafts can be 540 or 1000 rpm.

Hydraulic Pumps and steering pumps are available aftermarket. Repair kits and internal components are sold for easy and inexpensive repairs.

Seats for Ford Tractor Parts will include complete seats, cushions and cushion sets.

Both service and parts manuals are sold for Ford Tractors.  These provide comprehensive information for parts identification and repair information.

Ford clutch parts includes discs, pilot bearings, release bearings, throw out bearings, pressure plates, and complete clutches.
There are more than five hundred and fifty nine (559) models of Ford and New Holland Tractors. Ford Tractor Parts are available for sale for all five hundred and fifty nine (559) models of tractors. Using the Ford 5000 Tractor as an example, the parts available will be explained below.

The Ford select-o-speed transmission has ten (10) forward and two (2) reverse gears. Depending on the tractor rpm, the speed can vary from 7.8 mph to 16.4 mph. Manufactured between 1965 and 1976, these speeds were typical of the tractors back then.

The earlier sliding gear transmision has eight (8) forward gears and two (2) reverse gears. Transmission Ford Tractor Parts will include differential pinion gears, cones, bearings, and ring gear and pinion set. Ford Tractor Parts for the transmission gears will include countershaft gears, reverse gears, reverse idler gear, PTO countersshaft, main shaft, transmisison input, and seals.

Rear axle Ford Tractor Parts wil include the differential locks, lock gear, and coupler. Hydraulic parts aree hydraulic pump, drive gear, adapter kit, hydraulic pump kit, relief valve, power steerng pump and repair kit, and selector valve.

Front axle parts will include spindles, steering arms, shaft, tie rod, ball joint, wheel bearing, sleeves, hubs , caps, drag link, and drag link assembly. There are a wide array of filers for this tractor. Fuel, hydrualic, oil, and power steering filers. Complete Ford engine overhaul kits are availble for the 233 CID Diesel, and the 256 CID Diesel and Gas engines.

More Ford Tractor parts are for engine parts, such as camshafts, cranksgafts, balanger part, gasket, oil oump, muffler, exhaust pipe, manifold, flywheel, ring gear, fuel pump, guage, injector, radiator, hose, thermostat, water pump, water pump repair kit, and valve train kit.

The Ford 5000 Tractor was manufactured between 1965 and 1976, and various engines, both deisel and gas, were used in various models. These models are 134 CID Gas, 175 CID Gas, 192 CID Gas, 201 CID Gas, 201 CID Diesel, 233 CID Diesel, 256 CID Diesel, 256 CID Gas, 256 CID Turbo Diesel, 268 CID Non Turbo Diesel, 268 CID Turbo Diesel, 401 CID Diesel, 401 CID Turbo Diesel.

All engine overhaul kits contains a main bearing set, camshaft bearing set, connecting rod bearing set, connecting rod bushing, and upper and lower gasket set with seals, pistons, rings and liners / sleeves. Some engines kits do not contrain sleeves.