Ford CombineFord New Holland Combines are some of the most revered combines in the farming industry.

This list is a complete list of Ford New Holland Combine Models. New aftermarket parts for all of these models are available for sale.

Ford Combine | New Holland Combine

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Ford New Holland Combine Catalog

CX8030 TF44
CX8040 TF46
CR9040 CX8050 TR70
CR9060 CX8060 TR75
CR9070 CX8070 TR76
CR9080 CX8080 TR85
CR920 CX8090 TR86
CR940 CX820 TR87
CR960 CX840 TR88
CR970 CX860 TR89
CR980 CX880 TR95
CX720 G1841 TR96
CX760 TC56 TR98
CX780 TF42 TR99
TX32 1500 962
TX34 620 970
TX36 630 971
TX62 640 972
TX64 8050 973
TX65 8055 974
TX66 8060 975
TX68 8070 980
TX88 8080 985
T96 940 990
1400 960 995