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John Deere Combine Models

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John Deere Combine in a Wheat Field

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John Deere Combine Parts Catalog

Threshing Area Discharge Area Ignition & Electrical Parts
Accessories Engine Overhaul Kits Power Train/Propulsion
Air Conditioning Parts Engine Parts Rear Axle/Steering Parts
Bearings (by application) Front Axle/Steering Parts Seats
Belts Grain Handling Area Separator Area
Cab Parts Headers/Platforms/Feeder House Sickles
Cooling Systems Hydraulic System Parts  


1085 2056
CTS 1085H4 2058
CTS II 1133 2064
SEVERAL 1144 2066
T660 1157 2254
T670 1166 2256
1032 1169 2258
1042 1170 2264
105 1174 2266
1052 1174H4 3300
1055 1177 430
106 1177H4 4400
1065 1188 4420
1075 1188H4 4425
1075H4 2054 4435
4435 HYDRO 7721 9510CTS
45 7722 HILLSIDE 9510CTSII
55 8820 9510SH
630 9400 952
65 9410 9540
6600 9450 9540I WTS
6601 95 9540WTS
6602 95H 955
6620 950SH 9550
6621 9500 9550 SIDEHILL
6622 9500 SIDEHILL 9550CTS
730 9500SH 9550CTSII
7700 9501 9550SH
7701 9510 9560
7720 9510 SIDEHILL 9560 SIDEHILL
9560CTS 9640WTS 9680WTS
9560I STS 965 9750
9560I WTS 9650 9750CTS
9560SH 9650CTS 9750STS
9560STS 9650CTSII 9760STS
9560WTS 9650SH 9770STS
9570STS 9650STS 9780
9580 9660 9780CTS
9580I WTS 9660CTS 9780HM
9580WTS 9660I WTS 9780HM CTS
96 9660STS 9780I CTS
9600 9660WTS 985
9610 9670STS 9850
9640 9680 9860STS
9640I WTS 9680I WTS 9870STS
9880 CTS 9880I STS 9880STS

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      Combine Parts

      Combine Parts
      A combine , or combine harvestor as it is sometimes called, is a mechanical device that reaps and processes grains such as wheat, trice, oats, rye, barely, corn and soybeans. The grain is poured into a storage tank, or alternatively into the bin at the back of trucks or tractor drawn bins.

      The straw, or unwanted chaff, is expelled at the rear of the combine. Hay balers now can reap this straw, and reuse it for animal feed, or to be processed and thrown back into the soil.

      Combine parts for most combine models are sold for most of the parts that wear relatively quickly. As the combine is a multitude of moving parts, maintenance issues is an ongoing event.

      Combine parts for the threshing sections includes impeller blade kit, grate adjusting channel, concaves (center, rear, front, and middle) sections. Rock Trap beater fins , flat bars, rotor housing, key stock grate, rotor cone vane, rotor bars with spike, and rotor bars without spike and slotted grate are some of the other combine parts for the threshing area.

      The separator area will need chaffer frames & shoes, chaffers (long top, short top, sieves, hubs and bearings, PTO shafts, PTO drive shaft, hydraulic cylinders, jack shaft, pulleys (some variable speed), chaffer rails (right hand side and left hand side), and variable speed sheaves.

      Sitting for hours in the combines can be an uncomfortable experience, thus, proper seats will be necessary. Complete combine seats are available, in red, blue, black, and in both fabric and vinyl. Depending on availability, there are also cushions that that be used to replace worn cushions, thus saving on replacing an entire seat.

      Combine parts are sectioned as discharge area, grain handling area, hay tool parts, headers, platforms, feeder house, separator area, sickles, threshing area, and in some sections that are similar to tractors, such as bearings, belts, radiator and cooling sections, and axle and engine parts