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Kubota Starter

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Kubota Starter

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Kubota Starter

Kubota Tractor Starter

Kubota Tractor Starter

Kubota is known for its four types of machines, namely the rural compact tractors (some with loaders) compact lawn tractors, commercial loaders, and zero turn mowers.

Its agricultural sector manufactures a larger compact tractor, a compact track loader/backhoe, utility vehicles, and mowers.  There are additional series of Kubota equipment specifically designed for the professional turn and landscaping business.

Kubota has also manufactured machinery for the construction business. It has produced excavators, wheel loaders, compact track loader, and utility vehicles for the construction field.

This site stocks Kubota starter for all of the above mentioned machinery, in the following categories.


The GR Series Garden Tractors can either have a two (2) cylinder gas air cooled engine, or the three (3) cylinder diesel liquid cooled engine. Both of these engines are approximate

ly 20 hp each, fitted with a hydrostatic transmission, and an approximate cutting width of forty eight (48) inches.

Kubota starter are stocked for all kinds of garden, lawn, or compact tractors.

Kubota Starter for the special Ag tractor, the M9000 series, is part number 1C010-63010. This is a MI/OSGR starter, comes with clockwise (CW) rotation, and operates off of a 12Volts system. This tractor uses the V3300-TIE engine.

Many Kubota Starter for the front mowers are manufactured by NipponDenso.

Typically, one Kubota starter can be used on many different models of tractors, For example, for all the seventy (70) models of agricultural tractors, nine different starters will suffice. All are manufactured by  nippondenso, with varying specifications as to the operating voltage, power (measured in kw), number of teeth on the engaging gear, and whether the starter is clockwise (CW) or counter clockwise (CCW).

Kubota starters are stocked for other non-agricultural applications. There are marine engines, for which parts for the Ag applications are the same. There are also generators that use the same starters as the lawn, compact, garden, or agriculture tractors.

The industrial tractor B20 uses starter part number 15231-63015. The starter can also be used on forty five different machines including compact tractors, front mowers, lawn tractor, and garden tractor.

Kubota engines are sometimes used in other equipment. The V2203B engine is used in Gehl construction equipment (manufactured 1992 to 1993), the Ingersoll Rand Asphalt Paver) manufactured from 1990 and onwards), and Thomas Equipment.

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