Massey Ferguson 135 Transmission Parts

Massey Ferguson 135 Parts

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Massey Ferguson 135 Transmission Rear Axle

Massey Ferguson 135 Transmission Rear Axle

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A-886305M1 Adaptor, Differential Case

A-183259M1 Axle Shim, Axle Housing Outer; .004″

A-183260M1 Axle Shim, Axle Housing Outer; .016″

A-195159M1 Bearing Cone (LH), Rear Axle Inner

A-195675M1 Bearing Cone, Rear Axle Outer (Early Models)

A-195160M1 Bearing Cup (LH), Rear Axle Inner

A-300975M1 Bearing Cup, Axle Hub (EARLY MODELS REAR AXLE OUTER CUP)

A-830735M91 Bearing Kit, Reverse Gear (Multipower)

A-1850909M91 Bearing, Differential Carrier (RH)

A-894302M3 Bearing, Differential Pinion

A-2700273M1 Bearing, Main Input Shaft Inner

A-338552X1 Bearing, Main Shaft

A-1675274M1 Bearing, Main Shaft Rear

A-886668M1 Bearing, Outer Input Housing

A-191250M1 Bearing, Rear Differential Pinion

A-834844M1 Bearing, Transmission Maindrive Shaft (SN 418436> W/ MULTIPOWER TRANS.)

A-882232M2 Bolt, Differential Case

A-828217M1 Bolt, Rear Rim Wheel to Disc

A-893017M2 Bolt, Rear Wheel

A-825776M1 Bolt, Ring Gear to Case

A-183462M1 Boot, Brake Rod

A-180579M3 Boot, Transmission Lever

A-1860969M1 Bracket, Brake Lever (LH)

A-847705M2 Bracket, Brake Lever (RH)

A-190974M91 Bracket, Differential Shifter Fork

A-535873M91 Brake Actuator Assembly (ORCHARD)

A-195910M1 Bushing, Brake Pedal Shaft

A-180801M1 Bushing, Brake Shaft

A-184592M1 Bushing, Clutch Pedal

A-190960M92 Cam & Shaft Assembly, Differential Lock

A-898712M2 Cap, Differential Coupling

A-190963M1 Cap, Differential Lock

A-897711M93 Carrier Assembly

A-906811M1 Clevis Boot, Differential Lock (SN9A130003>)

A-886727M4 Clutch Bearing Carrier, Multipower

A-183129M2 Clutch Release Bearing Carrier

A-180596M1 Collar, Rear Axle

A-189391M92 Countershaft, Multipower Transmission

A-1868535M1 Countershaft, Transmission (SPECIAL GAS W/6 SP. TRANS / SINGLE CLUTCH – LATE PRODUCTION)

A-906743M92 Countershaft, Transmission (6 / 8 SP TRANS SN <CB22864 / MULTI-PWR SN <9A11664)

A-183054M92 Countershaft, 6 Speed & Manual Shuttle

A-183085M1 Countershaft, 6 Speed Transmission

A-906472M2 Countershaft, 8 Speed Transmission

A-897036M1 Coupler, Differential Lock

A-184770M3 Coupler, Planetary Shifter

A-1680189M1 Coupling, Drive Shaft, Rear

A-1863384M1 Coupling, Wheel

A-3759150M1 Cover, Differential

A-1664255M92 Crown Wheel & Pinion Set

A-1851017M1 Differential Bearing Cup

A-185778M1 Differential Bearing Cup

A-1665962M91 Dipstick, Differential Oil Level

A-1044526M1 Disc, Brake

A-1021314M1 Disc, Brake (1)

A-1672626M1 Disc, Multi Power & PTO

A-180445M1 Drive Shaft, Reverse Gear

A-827707M5 Drum, Brake

A-897003M3 Fork Coupler, Differential Lock

A-190980M1 Fork Shoe Guide, Differential Lock

A-886719M1 Fork, Clutch Release (SN<9A105179)

A-906807M1 Fork, Differential Lock

A-516389M2 Gasket

A-183254M1 Gasket, Rear Axle Housing

A-521181M1 Gasket, Transmission Case

A-181217M3 Gasket, Transmission Side

A-1872271M1 Gear Hub, Ground Speed PTO (LATE PRODUCTION)

A-180006M91 Gear Shift Knob

A-532959M1 Gear Shift Knob (4 Speed)

A-885518M1 Gear, Differential

A-897007M1 Gear, Differential

A-181275M1 Gear, Differential Pinion

A-2746322M1 Gear, Differential Pinion

A-894769M1 Gear, Planetary (Epicyclic) Pinion

A-897005M1 Gear, Reduction

A-183040M1 Gear, Reverse

A-906468M1 Gear, Transmission (W/ 8 SP TRANS)

A-1862422M1 Gear, Transmission, Constant Mesh (ORCHARD)

A-891904M1 Gear, Transmission, Mainshaft (Intermediate & High) (6/8 SP TRANS SN >CB22864 / MULTI-PWR SN <9A11664)

A-1683360M1 Gear, Transmission, 4th

A-1682688M1 Gear, 1st (8 Speed Transmission)

A-180419M1 Gear, 2nd (8 Speed Transmission)

A-180415M1 Gear, 3rd (8 Speed Transmission)

A-1682690M1 Gear, 3rd Mainshaft (8 Speed Transmission)

A-1867223M1 Housing, Main Drive Shaft


A-1682623M1 Lever Ball (Knob), 4 Speed

A-898643M1 Locating Pin, Axle Housing

A-964926M3 Main Drive Pinion, 8 Speed Transmission (STANDARD TRANS)

A-1687642M1 Mainshaft, Heavy Duty 8 Speed Transmission

A-1682542M1 Mainshaft, Multi-Power & 6 Speed Transmission

A-187168M1 Mainshaft, Transmission (W/ 6 Speed Trans. & Narrow (1.560″) Planetary Gear)

A-189440M1 Mainshaft, Transmission (SN <9A11664 W/ MULTIPOWER TRANSMISSION)

A-880955M1 Mainshaft, Transmission (UK W/ STD TRANS)

A-1687643M1 Mainshaft, 8 Speed Transmission

A-195453M1 Needle Bearing, Transmission Countershaft

A-831531M1 Needle Roller, Pinion

A-891947M1 Nut

A-532956M1 Nut, Differential Bearing Lock

A-180004M1 Nut, Disc to Axle Flange

A-1860838M1 O-Ring, Rear Axle Housing Carrier Plate

A-191138M91 Oil Trough Assembly (RH)

A-1662242M2 Pad, Brake

A-192779M2 Pad, Pedal, Differential Lock

A-1632923M91 Pin, Clutch

A-180418M2 Pin, Shifter Rail Plunger

A-964916M1 Pinion Gear, 8 Speed Transmission

A-1868531M1 Pinion Shaft, Transmission (W/ 8SP TRANS)

A-180446M1 Planetary Selector, Gearshift

A-827143M95 Plate, Brake

A-180408M2 Plate, Planetary Cover, Front

A-184012M4 Plate, Planetary Cover, Rear

A-185464M1 Plate, Steel Multi Power Disc

A-1669325M1 Power Input Shaft w/ 6 Speed Transmission

A-1860889M1 Retainer Assembly, Main Drive Input Shaft

A-1860761M1 Retainer, Lock, Gear Shift

A-1683757M91 Ring & Pinion Set (Short Pinion)

A-894772M2 Ring Gear, Planetary

A-897021M1 Ring Gear, Planetary (6/8 SP / MULTI-PWR)

A-195678M1 Seal, Inner Rear Axle, Half Shaft (with drum brakes)

A-195501M1 Seal, Main Drive Pinion Shaft (STD TRANS 1500-540, 1700-540 W/ DUAL CLUTCH / LIVE PTO)

A-195677M1 Seal, Outer Axle Housing (with drum brakes)

A-894782M2 Seal, Rear Axle (Inner) (ORCHARD)

A-1860867M1 Seal, Retainer

A-1862868M2 Selector, Gearshift

A-1694353M1 Shaft Spring, Differential Lock (SN9A130003>)

A-180444M2 Shaft, Clutch Release

A-180449M1 Shaft, Clutch Release

A-1864869M1 Shaft, Differential

A-1860961M1 Shaft, Differential Lock (SN9A130003>)

A-180437M1 Shift Fork, 1st Speed

A-1873532M3 Shift Fork, 4 Speed

A-1860773M1 Shift Fork, 8 Speed

A-897065M2 Shift Fork, 8 Speed

A-1862399M1 Shift Lever Knob- HI/LO

A-1862401M1 Shift Lever Knob- 3 Speed

A-167844M1 Shift Lever Pin

A-1678867M1 Shift Rail, 1st & Reverse

A-1678866M1 Shift Rail, 2nd & 4th

A-1678864M1 Shift Rail, 3rd

A-830480M92 Shoes, Brake (4)

A-518881M91 Sleeve, Pinion Bearing

A-880069M2 Sleeve, Sheartube Coupling Reduction

A-964944M1 Spacer, Main Drive Pinion Shaft

A-1005510M1 Spring, Actuator

A-1853148M1 Spring, Actuator

A-773222M1 Spring, Brake Lever Return

A-180809M1 Spring, Brake Lock

A-1867690M2 Spring, Clutch Bearing Release (S/N 9A159958>)

A-191221M1 Spring, Lock Plunger Tension

A-1860764M3 Stop Plate, Gear Shift

A-185400M2 Stud, Wheel (10 Pk)

A-462A Tapered Cone (EARLY MODELS)

A-897367M1 Washer, Carrier

A-184196M1 Washer, Pinion, Rear Axle Housing

A-181247M1 Washer, Planetary

A-184441M1 Washer, Thrust (Pinion)

A-180414M1 Washer, Thrust (Planetary)

A-964929M1 Washer, Thrust, Pinion Shaft

A-1862400M1 4 SPEED KNOB