Ford 8N Tractor Engine Parts

Ford 8N Parts

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Ford 8N Parts Catalog

Ford 8N Engine Parts

Ford 8N Engine Parts

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Engine Parts Filters Front Axle Steering Parts
Hitch & Drawbar Parts Hydraulic System Parts Ignition & Electrical Parts
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PTO Parts Rims & Wheels Seats
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A-8N9510C Carburetor w/ Mounting Gasket

A-17C4857 Bail & Nut, Sediment Bowl

A-2N9166 Bail & Nut, Sediment Bowl

A-MB9N633-10 Bearing Set, Main (.010″, set of 3)

A-MB9N633-20 Bearing Set, Main (.020″, set of 3)

A-MB9N633-30 Bearing Set, Main (.030″, set of 3)

A-MB9N633 Bearing Set, Main (Std, set of 3)

A-9N6211B Bearing, Connecting Rod (.001″)

A-9N6211C Bearing, Connecting Rod (.002″)

A-9N6211E Bearing, Connecting Rod (.010″)

A-9N6211G Bearing, Connecting Rod (.020″)

A-A0NN6211A Bearing, Connecting Rod (.030″)

A-A0NN6211B Bearing, Connecting Rod (.040″)

A-9N6211A Bearing, Connecting Rod (Std)

A-17C55 Bowl Assembly, Sediment

A-2NAA9155B Bowl Assembly, Sediment (W/ SHORT BOWL)

A-21A6207B3 Bushing, Connecting Rod

A-8N6250 Camshaft (S/N 263843-> W/ Side Mount Distributor)

A-D5NN9030A Cap, Fuel

A-310030 Cap, Oil Filler & Breather

A-8N6766B Cap, Oil Filler & Breather; One Piece

A-17C661 Carburetor Kit, Basic

A-MSCK52 Carburetor Kit, Basic (Marvel Schebler) (1939-1952 W/ Marvel Schebler Carb. # – TSX33, TSX241A B & C)

A-MSCK56 Carburetor Kit, Complete (Marvel Schebler) (1939-1952 W/ Marvel Schebler Carb. # – TSX241A, B & C)

A-311508 Clamp, Air Cleaner

A-9N6730 Drain Plug & Screen Assy. , Oil Pan

A-9N9553 Elbow & Strainer, Carburetor

A-9N9550A Float, Carburetor (134 CID Engine 1953-1957)

A-9N9282A Fuel Line, Sediment Bowl To Carburetor

A-8N6008M Gasket Set, Overhaul with Seals

A-9N6781 Gasket Set, Pan with Seals

A-3A40HS Gasket Set, Upper

A-3A40HSM Gasket Set, Upper

A-2N4035 Gasket, Axle Housing

A-9N9447 Gasket, Carburetor to Manifold (10 pk)

A-C3NN9516A Gasket, Carburetor Bowl to Body (10 pk)

A-8N6020C Gasket, Front Cover (SN 263843>)

A-9N6022 Gasket, Governor Housing

A-8N6051AM Gasket, Head (Metal) (1/48-12/52)

A-7HA6521 Gasket, Head Cover

A-9N9448 Gasket, Intake/Exhaust Manifold

A-8N6734 Gasket, Oil Pan Drain Plug

A-EAA6619C Gasket, Oil Pump Cover

A-1GA6669 Gasket, Oil Relief Valve

A-NAA9160 Gasket, Sediment Bowl (15 pk)

A-8N6018 Gasket, Side Cover

A-9N6020A Gasket, Timing Cover (SN <263843)

A-9N9273A Gauge, Oil Pressure (50 lb)

A-FAD9273A Gauge, Oil Pressure (80 lb)

A-486306A Gear, Crankshaft Timing

A-7RA6255 Gear, Distributor Drive

A-8N6608A Gear, Oil Pump w/ Shaft (For Oil Pump Body 8N6603)

A-9N6608A Gear, Oil Pump w/ Shaft (For Oil Pump Body 9N6603)

A-7RA6256ASTD Gear, Timing (Std)

A-8BA6510B Guide, Valve (Solid Type)

A-8N6050A Head, Cylinder (Gas) (1939-52)

A-9N9652 Hose, Air Cleaner

A-9N9121A Line, Anti Rattler Fuel

A-SD42 Liner, Cylinder

A-SD82 Liner, Cylinder

A-9N9425 Manifold, Intake & Exhaust

A-C3NN9564A Needle & Seat, Carburetor (1/48-12/52)

A-PA40 Piston

A-PA756 Piston

A-SK099 Piston Liner Kit (.040″, 3 Ring)

A-SK469 Piston Liner Kit (.040″, 4 Ring)

A-SK098 Piston Liner Kit (.090″, 3 Ring)

A-SK468 Piston Liner Kit (.090″, 4 Ring)

A-35A52B Pump Kit, Gear, Bushing & Gasket

A-APN6600A Repair Kit, Oil Pump (.5625″ Gear Width)

A-APN6600B Repair Kit, Oil Pump (.75″ Gear Width)

A-91A6335 Retainer, Rear Bearing Oil Seal

A-406512 Retainer, Valve Guide

A-8BA6514 Retainer, Valve Spring

A-9N6384 Ring Gear, Flywheel

A-PR116 Rings, Piston

A-PR180 Rings, Piston

A-31R15 Rings, Piston

A-8N6700 Seal, Front Gasket

A-8N6707 Seal, Front Gasket

A-8N6701 Seal, Rear Gasket

A-8N6702 Seal, Rear Gasket

A-8BA6571 Seal, Valve Guide

A-8N6513 Spring, Valve

A-8N17360A1 Tachometer (SN290271>)

A-9N9002 Tank, Fuel

A-A0NN6500A Tappet, Valve (Adj)

A-9N18215C Tube, Air Cleaner

A-VTK120 Valve Train Kit

A-8N6505A Valve, Exhaust

A-8BA6507A Valve, Intake