Ford 8N Transmission Rear Axle

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Ford 8N Transmission Rear Axle

Ford 8N Transmission Rear Axle

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A-BB4221B Bearing Cone, Differential Pinion (1939-52)

A-9N7066 Bearing Cone, Transmission

A-BB4222 Bearing Cup, Differential Pinion (1939-52)

A-9N4222 Bearing Cup, Rear Axle Shaft

A-9N7067 Bearing Cup, Transmission

A-C5NN7600A Bearing, Flywheel (sealed) (1/1/1948- 12/31/1952)

A-2N4221 Bearing, Rear Axle Shaft

A-9N7120 Bearing, Transmission

A-C5NN7277C Boot, Gear Shift

A-8NAA2250 Brake Repair Kit

A-8N2200B Brake Shoes, Drum Type (48-54)

A-B9NN7114A Countershaft, 2nd Speed Gear (W/ 4 Speed Trans.)

A-E6NN7106AA Coupling, Main Shaft Connecting (W/4SP TRANS.)

A-NAA927C Dipstick, Transmission

A-BB4616B Front Cup, Differential Pinion (1939-52)

A-2N4035 Gasket, Axle Housing

A-9N7086 Gasket, Bearing Retainer (Main Drive & Countershaft)

A-9N4662 Gasket, Center Housing

A-9N4131 Gasket, Differential Center Housing Side Cover

A-C7NN7223B Gasket, Gear Shift Cover (w/ 4 speed trans)

A-9N4130 Gasket, Rear Axle Housing

A-8N4284 Gasket, Rear Axle Shaft

A-8N4225 Gasket, Rear Axle Shaft, Outer Bearing (1948 Thru 1952)

A-8N7037B Gasket, Transmission Filter Plug

A-B9NN7A381B Gear, Transmission (2nd) (W/ 4 Speed Transmission)

A-8N7100 Gear, 1st (W/ 4 Speed Transmission)

A-8N7102 Gear, 3rd (W/ 4 Speed Transmission)

A-8N7112 Gear, 4th Countershaft (W/ 4 Speed Transmission)

A-8N1171 Hub & Stud, Rear Axle

A-9N7561 Hub, Clutch Release Bearing

A-83905584 Knob, Shift Lever

A-CBPN4179A Nut & Ring, Rear Axle (48-53)

A-8N7052A Oil Seal, Transmission Main Drive Gear

A-BB4625B Pilot Bearing, Differential Pinion (1939-1952)

A-BB4621B Pinion Cone, Differential Front (1939-1952)

A-A8NN4248A Retainer Seal & Gasket, Rear Axle (SN <486753)

A-8N4187 Ring, Rear Axle (48-53)

A-A8NN4251A Seal, Outer Oil Rear Axle Shaft (SN <486753)

A-D5NN4115A Seal, Rear Axle (SN 486753->)

A-8N4233A Seal, Rear Axle Seal Inner

A-8N4235C Shaft, Rear Axle

A-8N7111 Transmission Countershaft (1948-1952)

A-8N4293 Washer, Rear Axle (48-53)