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8N Ford Tractor Parts

Clutch Parts Cooling Systems Engine Overhaul Kit
Engine Parts Filters Front Axle Steering Parts
Hitch & Drawbar Parts Hydraulic System Parts Ignition & Electrical Parts
Lights & Related Parts Manuals Mufflers Exhaust Pipes
PTO Parts Rims & Wheels Seats
Sheet Metal & Related Parts Transmission & Rear Axle  

The 8N Ford tractors were manufactured in Michigan, USA, and just over half million tractors (five hundred and twenty four thousand to be exact) were manufactured.

8N Ford Tractor Parts

8N Ford tractor parts are therefore much sought after items. 8N tractor parts for the engine will depend on whether the engine was manufactured for gasoline or distillate. The distillate engines were a latter introduction to the 8N line of tractors.8N tractor parts for the clutch are commonly the release bearing, pressure plate, and transmission discs.

8N Ford tractor parts for the engine includes overhaul kits, crankshafts, exhaust, mufflers, flywheel, ring gears, gaskets, and valve train parts.

The fuel tank has a capacity of ten (10) gallons, and the hydraulic system uses five (5) gallons of universal hydraulic fluid. Fuel system 8N Ford tractor parts are Marvel Schebler Carburetor, kits and rebuild components.

Fan blades will vary depending on the serial number of the tractor.

Many of the 8N Ford tractor parts for the hydraulic system can be interchanged with the 9N. The cam block for the hydraulic pump is common to tractors, as well as the gaskets and pump pistons.

Front end items are spindles, steering arms, shafts, tie rod, ball joint, wheel and wheel bearings.

8N Ford tractor parts for starter will include either the 6V or the 12V systems. The original tractor was built fro the 6V system, however, some owners has chosen to convert the system to a 12V system.

The charging system however, uses a Generator rather than an Alternator. The Generator produces D.C current, as compared to the A.C current produced by the Alternator. Some of the tractors have been converted to use alternators and not generators.

As common with all gas engines, maintenance Ford 8N tractor parts will include distributor cap, coil (both 6V and 12V), and tune up kits (which includes condensers, points, and rotor), ignition switch, and the electronic module.

Some farmers has found a better way to perform less maintenance on their 8N tractors, and this is by eliminating the condenser and the points system, and substituting it with an electronic module. This still uses the rotor, but the electrical pulses are electronically generated.

Other 8N Ford tractor parts are PTO shafts, seals, rims, wheels, wheel bearings, and seats.

There are complete replacement seats, and seat cushions to repair the existing seat base.

The transmission of the 8N has four (4) forward gears, and one (1) reverse gear. The transmission oil capacity is twenty (20) quarts of Lucas Transmission Oil. The latter tractors were fitted with twelve (12) forward gears and three (3) reverse gears.

8N Ford tractor parts for the transmission includes ring gear, pinions, forks, gears, shafts, countershafts, gaskets, and seals.

Other rear axle components are differential parts such as bearing cones, bearings, brake drums and brake shoes.

    Ford 8N Tractor Parts
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     Ford 8N Tractor Parts Catalog
    Tractor Parts Catalog

    Clutch Parts Cooling Systems Engine Overhaul Kit
    Engine Parts Filters Front Axle Steering Parts
    Hitch & Drawbar Parts Hydraulic System Parts Ignition & Electrical Parts
    Lights & Related Parts Manuals Mufflers Exhaust Pipes
    PTO Parts Rims & Wheels Seats
    Sheet Metal & Related Parts Transmission & Rear Axle  

    The Ford 8N tractor was built in Dearborn, Michigan in 1947. This continued production into 1953 at which time over half of one million were built- five hundred and twenty four hundred thousand (524,000).

    Aftermarket Ford 8N tractor parts are available for almost the entire tractor. Clutch parts are flywheel bearings, pressure plates (either the 10 inch or the 9 inch plate), release bearings and the 9 inch spring loaded transmission disc.
    The cooling system parts include fan belts, fan blades, water pump with gasket, radiator and hoses, and a 180 degree thermostat.

    The Ford 8N tractor parts for engines are for the 120 CID gas engine.  The engine overhaul kit includes pistons, liners, rings (available in 0.04 and 0.09 three and four ring) bearing sets, con rod sets (both available in standard, 0.002, 0.010, 0.020, 0.030, and 0.040 oversized) and a complete gasket set with seals.  Good used long block, short blocks, cylinder heads, connecting rods and oil pans are available.

    Other ford 8n tractor parts for the engine are Marvel Schebler carburetors and kits, oil pressure gauge, manifold, oil pump repair kit, and valve train parts.

    The Ford 8N Tractor fuel tank has a capacity of ten (10) gallons or 37.9 US liters. The hydraulic system has a capacity of five (5) gallons or 18.9 US liters. The motor oil used will depend on the operating temperatures .At 30 degrees Celsius, SAE 30 is used, at 0-30, SAE 20, from -12 to 0, 20W and below -12 degrees, 10W is used.  Motor oil capacity is six (6) quarts, or 5.7 US liters.

    The sparkplug ignition gasoline engine uses a sparkplug gap of 0.025.

    The transmission is a four (4) forward and single reverse constant mesh transmission uses twenty (20) quarts of transmission oil. This oil is either the SAE 90 or the SAE 80. The tractor’s speed will vary according to the rpm of the engine, which ranges typically between 1500 rpm and 1750 rpm.  Ford 8N tractor parts for the transmission includes bearing cones, bearing cups, brake shoes (drum type), countershaft gears, differential pinion cone, and first, second, third, fourth, and reverse gear. Brand new front hubs (part number 8N1171) and oil seals are also available for sale aftermarket.

    The hydraulic pump for this tractor is the piston type.  Ford 8N Tractor parts for this hydraulic pump include pump PTO shaft, gasket, pump hub, repair kit, pulley, sheave and hydraulic pump shaft drive.

    The 12 V alternators come in two variations, one for models before 1951, and the other side mounted alternator for models after 1951. This is sold in a kit that includes alternator, resistor, coil, wiring harness, hardware kit, brackets, pulley and belt.

    Mufflers and exhaust Ford 8N Tractor parts vary with the serial number of the machine.  Exhaust pipes can be either horizontal or vertical.  These are also different exhaust pipes depending on if the engine is gas or diesel. Mufflers follow the same pattern, there being different mufflers depening on if the engine of the tractor is diesel or gas. The mufflers are further sub-divided based upon the end connections. These can be flared to different diameters, and some requires muffler clamps.

    The Ford 8n tractor parts for PTO include the PTO Assembly. This is 30.81” long, and contains the PTO housing, cover, collar with tapered pin, snap ring, front shaft bearing, seals sleeve, and PTO housing gasket.